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Product NumberDescription  Packaging  HCPCS Code
LXB5750R6 yard (5.5m) Latex, Extra Light, Tan   1/bx     N/A
LXB5767R6 yard (5.5m) Latex, Light, White   1/bx     N/A
LXB5774R6 yard (5.5m) Latex, Medium, Orange   1/bx     N/A
LXB5781R6 yard (5.5m) Latex, Heavy, Green   1/bx     N/A
LXB5798R6 yard (5.5m) Latex, Extra Heavy, Blue   1/bx     N/A
LXB5804R6 yard (5.5m) Latex, Special Heavy, Purple   1/bx     N/A
LXB5699R50 yard (45.5m) Latex, Light, White   1/bx     N/A
LXB5705R50 yard (45.5m) Latex, Medium, Orange   1/bx     N/A
LXB5712R50 yard (45.5m) Latex, Heavy, Green   1/bx     N/A
LXB5729R50 yard (45.5m) Latex, Extra Heavy, Blue   1/bx     N/A
LXB5736R50 yard (45.5m) Latex, Special Heavy, Purple   1/bx     N/A
LXB5835R5 Ft, Latex, Light, White   1/pk, 40 pk/bx     N/A
LXB5842R5 Ft, Latex, Medium, Orange   1/pk, 40 pk/bx     N/A
LXB5743R25 yard, Latex, Super Heavy, Silver  1/bx    N/A
LXB5866R5 Ft, Latex, Extra Heavy, Blue   1/pk, 40 pk/bx     N/A
LXB5873R5 Ft, Latex, Special Heavy, Purple   1/pk, 40 pk/bx     N/A

  • For use in resistive exercise to improve strength and range of motion
  • 7 color-coded levels of resistance
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